Free Drinks in Las Vegas By Not Gambling
Posted by admin on August 15 2008 15:19:49
How can you get free drinks in Las Vegas?
Today I’d thought I’d share a little story of how I came to discover another trick of the Vegas trade of “getting the most of Vegas Casinos”. On one of my very first trips to Sin City, I discovered how to get free drinks without gambling. Well, it’s not really “free” but it’s close enough. It may cost you a few quarters.

Here’s what you do: Instead of sitting at any table games and waiting for the drink ladies come by, head straight for any bar that has video poker lying right there on the bar table. Next sit down, pull out a $20 bill, and make sure the bartender knows you have money in Video poker.Finally, proceed to order all the drinks you want so long as you have any money in the video poker. Take your money out asap so you don’t waste your $20.00. I continually use this tactic each time I am in Las Vegas.

The Benefits of this style of getting Free Drinks in Las Vegas

Benefits are pretty obvious once you get use to it. You get your drink almost 10x faster from the bartender than you would normally playing on a table or slot machine waiting on the drink ladies to take your drink and then bring it back. Another advantage is that you can get super smashed before heading off to a club! Spread the word with your friends! Please come back and drop me a comment to let me know how it went.

No more free paying $10 - $15 drink at fancy smancy bars in Vegas!
Drink up Cheers!